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Inspired. is an Emmy® Award winning multimedia company working in film, television, and digital content creation. We are known for our captivating live music specials, scenic documentary films and discovering the stories behind the world’s most famous books, music and art.

From vegan cooking, reality and documentaries to scripted musical comedies – we love to tell a good story and highlight its’ inspiration!


Meet Us

Eamonn McCrystal


Eamonn McCrystal is a Multi-Emmy® Award winning producer of television and film. Originally from Northern Ireland, he is now based in Los Angeles. Known for his impressive work across the globe, he has produced documentary films and TV series for major networks, earning recognition for his outstanding contributions to the industry.

One of McCrystal’s most notable achievements is winning four Emmy Awards for his music special, “The Music of Northern Ireland,” a collaboration between PBS and the BBC. This project showcased the rich musical heritage of Northern Ireland and solidified his reputation as a top-tier producer.

In recent years, McCrystal has teamed up with The Sherman Grinberg Film Library for the documentary “The Library,” narrated by John Lithgow. This collaboration extends into an exciting series, further highlighting his commitment to delivering engaging content.

In addition to music-related projects, McCrystal has worked on various lifestyle, reality, cooking, and unscripted TV programs, showcasing his versatility in television production.

Specializing in music specials and docuseries, McCrystal’s portfolio includes the spectacular series “Hitmakers with David Foster.” With a dedication to his craft, Eamonn McCrystal continues to make his mark in the world of television through his storytelling and entertainment expertise.




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